ŽITKO a.d. achieved certificate "The best from Vojvodina"

On Monday, December 29th, 2008, Vice President of AP Vojvodina and the Secretary for economy, Istvan Pastor, awarded ZITKO a.d. company from Backa Topola with the certificate „The best from Vojvodina“, for the product „Rezanci Tagliatelle“. It is an unique product at the domestic market, produced from durum wheat, with corn flour added. Comparing with 100% durum flour pasta, pasta with the addition of corn flour has a vibrant yellow color and the consumption provides nice resistance, pleasant and characteristic taste and smell.

For ŽITKO company, this cetificate will certainly be an additional encouragement to constantly controll and improve the quality of products. A certificate given by the accredited agency is a confirmation of the highest quality of product.


Žitko company awarded by Chamber of Commerce AP Vojvodina
for the successfull business results in 2008

On Tuesday, April 28th, 2009, at the Chamber of Commerce AP Vojvodina in Novi Sad, ŽITKO a.d., among thirteen most successful companies, was awarded for the significant business results in Vojvodina. An award was given by Mr. Nikola Stojšić, a President of the Chamber of Commerce AP Vovodina.


ŽITKO a.d. from Bačka Topola – an absolute champion
for the quality of pasta products this year

At the 76th International Agriculture Fair, held on May 9 -16, producers from various product groups have been awarded with the highest awards of Novi Sad Fair. Within the product group produced from wheat and flour, Žitko a.d. achieved a silver cup, and for the „Tagliatelle“ pasta, an „Absolute Champion for Quality“ award. „Tagliatelle“ gained the same award at the previous agricultural fair in Novi Sad, as well. ŽITKO company representatives received five gold medals at this ocassion, from which two big, and an award for corporate representation and performance at this years Fair.


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